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Saturday @9:00 a.m 24 June 2017


This year the Waterford Viking Marathon team got some very exciting and unusual news. Joining us for the 2016 Viking Marathon on June 25th are some very special runners travelling all the way from Japan!

All six of these athletes have run in several hundred marathons before so they are well prepared for what the "Vikings" have instore for them!

One of the members has only just completed her 1,116th marathon in Borneo, Malaysia on Sunday May 1st! Unfortunately she will not make the trip but we will have some of the rest of the team joining us.

The group have organised posters and promotions in Japan and planned the trip to Waterford just to take part in the Waterford Viking Marathon. We couldn't be more delighted to have this special team joining us on June 25th. I'm sure there will be a huge Déise welcome waiting for them when they arrive!

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